Research Shows Keyword Rich Domains Make A Significant Difference

Keyword rich domains | alternate domain names | how to use a keyword rich domain nameI have long been a proponent of using keyword rich domains (website addresses) for Internet dental marketing. Verisign has just published research that confirms my position.  On May 31, 2016, Verisign listed their results in an article entitled “How Keyword-Rich Domain Names Positively Affect Search Click-Through Results.” Using data from comScore’s U.S. consumer panel, Verisign examined more than 11 million search query results from September 2015. The results showed that visitors were twice as likely to click on a website address that matches a keyword in their query.    Read the entire article…..

How to use keyword rich domain names for search engine marketing (SEM) for your dental website

Here are a couple of ways to use a keyword rich domain name to increase the clicks for your dental website.

  • You can modify any website page address to add your keyword.    Here is an example:   This page is dedicated to the dentist that owns ABC Dentistry.  The practice is located in Bridgeview.  The keyword for the page is:  Bridgeview dentist.  Google recommends that you separate words in a domain name with a dash or underline.
  • If you want to market whitening in Bridgeview, reserve the domain name (website address):  Work with your dental website designer to direct this new domain name to the page on your website that talks about whitening OR create a landing page for this domain and direct it or “point it to” your primary website.

Do you need help marketing your dental website?   Do you want to start using keyword rich domain names?   Contact Sharon Kantor Bogetz at (847) 370-9131 or contact us by email.   She will help you implement a SEO and SEM marketing campaign that will help prospective patients find you!

Dental Marketing Ideas for June

dental marketing ideas for June | Cutting Edge Practice
Cutting Edge Practice designed the marketing & promotional activities for these dental specialists for an outdoor summer festival.

The start of summer is a great month to launch a mid-year marketing campaign.   People are outside, taking vacations, thinking about a healthy life style and getting their children ready for the new school year. I’ve prepared a list of some dental marketing ideas to implement this month. Use your website blog, social media and e-mail blasts to promote your summer activities.  Remember that a growing practice needs to be engaged in 4 different marketing endeavors every month!

Dental Marketing Ideas for June

  • Father’s Day Contest
  • Back To School Special
  • Mouth Guard Promotion for Summer Sports
  • Whitening Special for Brides
  • Invisalign Special for Summer Weddings
  • Write a Blog Post On The Use of Sports Drinks

June is also a perfect time to develop your dental marketing ideas for July.

Dental Marketing Ideas for July

Plan for participation in a July 4th parade.  Order your give-aways, reserve your space in the parade, order your parade T-shirts, etc.

Plan for participation in Summer Festivals.  Many towns have farmers’ market days and summer festivals you can participate in.  Contact your Chamber of Commerce or City to learn about new opportunities.

Plan your print marketing campaign for back to school specials.   A direct mail campaign can take about 6 weeks from start to finish.  Planning ahead is key to filling your July and August schedule.

If you need help with your dental marketing initiatives, contact Sharon Kantor Bogetz, MEd, MBA at (847) 370-9131 or send an email.


Dental Start-up Opening April 5, 2016

dental start up - Cutting Edge Practice dental start up client - Smile Science Chicago in Wicker ParkDental Start-up client, Smile Science Chicago, a Wicker Park Dental office opened April 5, 2016.   This new dental office has an excellent location, a bright, comfortable and contemporary reception area, and sleek private operatories that have 2 TVs, computer dental practice management software, digital x-rays and an intra-oral camera so the doctor can share the diagnosis and treatment plan with her patients.

The owner, Dr. Monica Urda completed every dental marketing initiative suggested by Cutting Edge Practice dental consultant, Sharon Kantor Bogetz, MBA.  Dr. Urda, a dental start-up, had patients on her schedule before she was open!   Sharon suggested dental branding with a dental logo design, window sign design, TV advertising, rack card design, dental postcard design, dental website design, Facebook & Google+ design, SEO and SEM.

Cutting Edge Practice and Wicker Park are very excited to welcome the first female dentist on West North Avenue.


Google Made a Major Change Affecting Google Search Engine Results

Google search results
Click to enlarge

While we were at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting, Google installed a major global change to its Adwords program and Google Search Results.   Until February 26, 2016, Google displayed Pay Per Click ads at the top and at the right under a Google map display.  NOW, Google will show 4 ads at the top of the page and 3 ads at the bottom of the page below the organic listings and NO ads in the right hand column.  This is affecting the SERP for any given keyword.   SERPs stands for:  Search Engine Results Page.

What is the effect of the Google change to display 4 ads at the top?

This change will push the Google 3 pack Google local listings down the page and the organic listings even farther down the page “below the fold.”  In some instances, there will be no paid ads at the top because Google has pushed the ads to the bottom.

How does this affect your dental marketing?

Google search results for your dental keywords will affect where your dental practice listing appears.   To the right, you will see the new Google SERP for the keyword phrase “Chicago Dentist”.  The organic listings have been pushed below the fold under the Google Adwords listings and the Google local listings.  I suggest you invest in a Google Adwords campaign to improve your listing in the Google Search Results.   It is the fastest and most cost effect way to get you to the top of the Google Search Results Page.

Sharon Kantor Bogetz has created Google Adwords campaigns that have resulted in first page placement for Cutting Edge Practice clients.   Call Sharon at (847) 370-9131 or email her to move your practice to the top of the Google Search Results page!

Dental Marketing to Generation X

dental marketing for Gen X

Members of Generation X include consumers between 35 – 54 years of age.  According to Yahoo, “79% of Gen Xers are smartphone users and that is expected to grow to reach 88% by 2018.”  Yahoo also reported that “80 million Gen Xers visited a social media site in January 2016.”

In a blog posted on the 21st July, 2015 by marketing zen, the author suggested that a company targeting Gen Xers should create an internet strategy that includes:

  • Using Email Communication to reach Gen X consumers
  • Appealing to the financial responsibility felt by Gen Xers
  • Using Videos to convey information
  • Appealing to Gen X values which include fitness and wellness, security, protection, making life easier and a focus on nostalgia.

How should you develop a dental marketing campaign strategy for Generation X?

  • Leverage your dental practice software to send email blasts to your patients.
  • Help patients understand that by restoring teeth when their carious lesion is in the earliest stages will save them time and money.
  • Use patient education software, digital x-rays and an intra-oral camera to help the patients understand the extent of their dental needs.
  • Help patients stay healthy by keeping their hygiene appointments, offering adults fluoride treatments and selling them electric toothbrushes or waterpik devices.
  • Create a Youtube channel and post videos on your channel.  There are a variety of dental companies that offer videos their clients can post.  For example, Invisalign offers video clips that clients can post on their websites or on their Youtube channels.
  • Keep your social media up to date.   Try to post a blog and Facebook entry once a week to keep your website fresh and your Facebook active.

If you need help developing your dental marketing strategy, contact Sharon Kantor Bogetz at 847-370-9131.  She has more than 14 years of dental marketing experience on-line and in print.



Start your 2016 dental marketing campaign with Children’s Dental Health Month

dental marketing - Children's dental health month

February is just three weeks away and this is a great month to kick off your 2016 dental marketing program. Now is the right time to get ready for Children’s Dental Health Month. Schedule a meeting with your staff to develop your dental marketing plan for February.
Here are some activities you can use to celebrate Children’s Dental Health Month:

1. School Visits.
2. Day Care Center Visits.
3. Religious School Visits.
4. Purchase and display dental posters. Here is a link to the ADA website page with Children’s Dental Health Month posters & many other resources:
5. Purchase and display new easy reader dental books for parents and children to read in your reception area. Here is a link to a variety of resources presented by the National Education Association: Amazon has a large variety of children’s dental books as well.
6. Boy Scout Events. Contact your area Boy Scout Council and become a merit badge counselor for the Boy Scout Dentistry Merit Badge. I’ve done this with a pediatric and orthodontic practice. It is great fun and you bring new families into your practice! Here is a link to the boy scout merit badge requirements.
7. Start A No Cavity Club.
8. Plan & write a series of posts on dental health to your dental blog & on your social media.
9. Plan a tooth fairy event and invite families to meet the tooth fairy.
10. Sponsor and staff a “toothbrush trade in” day.
11. Order children’s tooth brushes personalized with your practice website address and phone number.
12. Create a press release announcing your activities.

If you and your staff need help implementing any of these dental marketing activities or creating colorful eye-catching blog or social media posts, contact Sharon Kantor Bogetz, dental marketing expert at 847-370-9131 or contact her by email.

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