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Dental Marketing News: Schein Purchased Lighthouse 360

On March 18, 2019, Schein published a press release announcing that they have purchased Lighthouse 360. Lighthouse 360 is one of the leading dental patient communication products available which streamlines appointment reminders and patient review requests. Cutting Edge Practice clients that use Lighthouse 360 enjoy the benefits of decreased patient no-shows, increased recall program efficiency and automated dental review requests. I recommend Lighthouse 360.  It is a reliable dental marketing product with a high return on investment.

Read the entire article posted on the Henry Schein website.

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2019 dental marketing plan

Jump Start Your 2019 Dental Marketing Plan

The landscape for dental marketing continues to change.   Identifying the changes surrounding your dental practice can position you for success.   Whether those are on-line changes Google makes to search results or a branded DSO group opening on your block,  having a nimble dental marketing plan will help secure your success.  Sharon Kantor Bogetz, managing partner at Cutting Edge Practice recommends that every dental practice implement a dental marketing plan that includes at least 4 different marketing initiatives every month.

“Dentists are always asking me what is the best way to spend my marketing dollars?”   A shotgun approach where you spend all of your marketing dollars in one place will not bring the long lasting effects you might hope for.    Planning to implement a diverse set of initiatives will produce reliable monthly new patient numbers for your practice.    You may be wondering what that looks like?

  1. Use marketing research.   Review your patient demographic profile to find opportunities.   Look at what your competition is doing in print and on-line to position yourself properly.
  2. Set up a calendar for the implementation of your 4 marketing initiatives.   Set up a calendar to outline the marketing activities you will do each month in print, on-line and in the community.  That calendar should include an implementation timeline as well.
  3. Set up a system for tracking the results of each marketing initiative.   Learn how to track the new patient referral source in your dental practice management software.  Use your software to evaluate the cost and ROI (return on investment) for each new patient acquisition.
  4. Train your staff to support your marketing calendar.   Meet with your staff to show them what marketing you will be doing.  You may have to train them in how to use your dental software to track your marketing results.  They staff may need coaching on how to answer the phone, greet the patient upon their arrival or how to enter the referral data into the computer.
  5. Evaluate the plan and make adjustments based on your results.  Meet with your dental consultant to review your progress and adjust the plan accordingly.

Sharon Bogetz can help you develop and implement a winning dental marketing plan that will move your practice forward.  Sharon has been doing dental marketing since 2002.  Call her at 847-370-9131 for a free consultation.

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HIPAA training | Cutting Edge Practice

Cost Effective Online HIPAA Training

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, the health care provider is required to train his/her employees so they understand the privacy procedures in their office.   Read More....

Having proof of such training as well as giving the staff member your privacy policy and keeping documentation of this discussion is an obligation of the employer.

Here is a cost effective way to get that training.  Contact BLXTraining for HIPAA training.  The cost is just $10/person and it can be completed in about 1 hour.   This course is AGD Approved!

Cutting Edge Practice, a dental practice management company helps companies with staff training, dental practice management, dental marketing, dental branding and dental practice growth. Contact Cutting Edge Practice today!

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WSU Students visit WSU Alumnus in Chicago

Wichita State University Dental Residents Visit Cutting Edge Practice at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting

Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) Program at Wichita State UniversitySharon Kantor Bogetz and Wendy Pesavento welcomed the dental resident students from the Wichita State University Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) Program to their Cutting Edge Practice Booth at the 2018 Chicago Midwinter Meeting. Sharon is a proud graduate of the School of Health Sciences at Wichita State University (WSU) where she did her student teaching in their dental hygiene program. Many thanks to Dean Elledge, DDS, MS, the Program Director at the WSU AEGD Program for hosting the students at the Midwinter Meeting and allowing us to connect.  We truly enjoyed talking about associate positions, starting up a dental practice and purchasing a dental practice at the booth and at dinner in the evening.  Go Shockers!!


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Recognizing The First African American Dentist during Black History Month

We would like to recognize the pioneer African American women who became dentists during this Black History Month.

Dr Ida Gray Nelson Rollins was the first African American female to graduate from a dental school.  Back in 1890, Dr Ida Gray Nelson Rollins graduated from the University of Michigan College of Dentistry after working for three years in the dental office of the dean of the school, Dr Johnathan Taft. Dr Rollins was born in 1867 and died in 1953.  The University of Michigan posted a short biography, photos of her graduating class and even her report card! It is fascinating!  See photos and read the article….    In another article, Phylisha W Agbor, a contributor to, posted that in 1895 Dr Rollins and her husband moved to Chicago.  Dr Rollins was the first African American to practice dentistry in Chicago.  Read more about Dr Rollins… 

Dr Vada Watson Somerville was the first African American woman to graduate from the University of Southern California in 1918. She and her husband were attributed as creating the first NAACP chapter in Los Angeles in 1913.


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dental practice management | HIPAA | 2018

Great article on HIPAA compliance in the dental office

I found a great article I wanted to share with you as you contemplate HIPAA procedures in your dental practice management plan for 2018. The ADA has some wonderful HIPAA resources for your reference as well.

Read the entire article: “12 steps for creating a HIPAA compliance plan” 

I will be posting some reliable on-line affordable HIPAA training options in future dental blog posts!  Please stop back again.

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