Do smart phone users search for healthcare information in 2015?

mobile use | dental website | mobile phone useYes, Smart phone owners use their phones to look up healthcare information.  Aaron Smith at Pew Research found that “62% of smartphone owners have used their phone in the past year to look up information about a health condition.”     Read more….

Mobile devices are used by consumers of all ages.  Smart phones are used to access news, directions, reviews, banking, music and information.  Smith also found that “About three-quarters of 18-29 year old smartphone owners have used their phone in the last year to get information about a health condition…”

Most people are never more than 5 feet away from their mobile device.  Business Insider found that “consumers look at their phone more than 150 times a day, on average.”   Read more…

What does this research mean for your dental website?   Having a mobile friendly website will allow your practice to be found by potential patients looking for answers to their questions.   If your dental website is not responsive and mobile friendly,  your website will begin loosing ground in Yahoo, Bing and Google searches.

Contact Sharon Kantor Bogetz.  She will test your dental website to evaluate whether it is mobile friendly.



Go mobile or be left behind!

Responsive web design |  free dental website evaluationThe PEW Research Center reported on April 1, 2015 that 64% of U.S. adults own smart phones.  Read more about this PEW study…… 

Google recognized this huge shift toward mobile use.  On April 15, 2015, Google launched a new algorithm which will reward mobile friendly websites with higher rankings.   Practices with dental websites that are not mobile friendly will watch their rankings fall.

What does this mean for your dental website?   If your dental website is more than 4 years old, chances are, it will not be mobile friendly.  Contact Sharon Kantor Bogetz, M.B.A., M.Ed. to get your FREE dental website evaluation.  She can test your website for Google compatible mobile friendly design.   All of the websites created by Cutting Edge Practice and by Midwest Dental Solutions are now mobile friendly responsive websites.


Just attended a lecture by Google and Yahoo!

Google lecture, Yahoo lecture, internet marketing, print marketing, dental consulting, cutting edge practicesChicago, IL – I had the pleasure of attending a great lecture and panel discussion by Google & Yahoo last evening.  I found this to be a rare opportunity to listen to employees and official representatives of these companies.   The panel of lecturers included (pictured from left to right):  Christopher Folmar from DexMedia, Sima Dahl from Sway Factory, Ben Tyson from Google, Faith Murphy from Yahoo, Daliah Saper from Saper Law and Barry Molt, Moderator.

I learned cutting edge information on Google SEO and mobile concepts, Yahoo’s views on the future of mobile marketing, effectively using social media from Sway Factory and the importance of on-line appointment scheduling from DexMedia.

New Research:  More than 50% of the internet searches are completed on a mobile device.   The current and future of search technology requires that you have a mobile responsive website.   Call me at 847-370-9131 so I can share what the experts said were the most cutting edge practices that will move your practice up the google and yahoo page rankings.

Sharon Kantor Bogetz, MEd., MBA is a Managing Partner at Cutting Edge Practice, Inc.  Sharon has been doing internet marketing, print marketing and dental consulting since 1998.

Start-up Dental Specialists opening August 2015

Dental Start-up | Cutting Edge Practice  IncCutting Edge Practice client, Dental Art Specialists will open their Evanston practice in late August 2015.

Cutting Edge Practice works with dental specialists and general dentists to find a fabulous location that will fit their budget. Spaces that we choose for our dental start-up clients are positioned for growth and prosperity. All of our dentists are busy and successful! Contact Wendy Pesavento at 773-502-6000 or call Sharon Kantor Bogetz at 847-370-9131 for a FREE consultation.

Cutting Edge Practice launches their new website

Cutting Edge Practice | dental consultingCutting Edge Practice is pleased to announce they launched their new responsive website today!  This website was designed on a WordPress blog platform making it easy to manage content, change and add photos and add new pages.

Dental websites designed by Cutting Edge Practice are now built on a WordPress blog platform that are mobile ready.   Online Publishers Association & Frank N. Magid Associates reported the behaviors of consumers using their mobile devices.  Respondents reported “99.5 % access content/information” on their mobile devices.  Having a companion mobile version for your dental website will help your current and prospective patients find you.

Cutting Edge Practice strives to introduce dentists to the most contemporary concepts in web design.  Contact Sharon Kantor Bogetz at Cutting Edge Practice for a free consultation.

Cutting Edge Practice has been providing dental consulting for more than 15 years.  Read more…


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