Start your 2016 dental marketing campaign with Children’s Dental Health Month

dental marketing - Children's dental health month

February is just three weeks away and this is a great month to kick off your 2016 dental marketing program. Now is the right time to get ready for Children’s Dental Health Month. Schedule a meeting with your staff to develop your dental marketing plan for February.
Here are some activities you can use to celebrate Children’s Dental Health Month:

1. School Visits.
2. Day Care Center Visits.
3. Religious School Visits.
4. Purchase and display dental posters. Here is a link to the ADA website page with Children’s Dental Health Month posters & many other resources:
5. Purchase and display new easy reader dental books for parents and children to read in your reception area. Here is a link to a variety of resources presented by the National Education Association: Amazon has a large variety of children’s dental books as well.
6. Boy Scout Events. Contact your area Boy Scout Council and become a merit badge counselor for the Boy Scout Dentistry Merit Badge. I’ve done this with a pediatric and orthodontic practice. It is great fun and you bring new families into your practice! Here is a link to the boy scout merit badge requirements.
7. Start A No Cavity Club.
8. Plan & write a series of posts on dental health to your dental blog & on your social media.
9. Plan a tooth fairy event and invite families to meet the tooth fairy.
10. Sponsor and staff a “toothbrush trade in” day.
11. Order children’s tooth brushes personalized with your practice website address and phone number.
12. Create a press release announcing your activities.

If you and your staff need help implementing any of these dental marketing activities or creating colorful eye-catching blog or social media posts, contact Sharon Kantor Bogetz, dental marketing expert at 847-370-9131 or contact her by email.
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